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morning noon and night

Morning Noon And Night

Morning, Noon and Night comprised of:

Eddie Willis

George Roundtree

Roderick Chandler


Rudy Robinson

Morning Noon and Night were a six piece group who released one album for the United Artists subsiduary Roadshow Record label in 1977.

The group were introduced to legendary producer Michael Stokes by Sam Taylor in 1977.

The resulting album became popular, initially, for the club anthem 'Bite Your Granny', which proved highly popular in the U.K. nightclubs at the time.

The track 'Time' has become the track that many soul punters go for today

Musicians involved with the project included Eddie Willis, Rodrick 'Peanut' Chandler, Rudy Robinson and George Roundtree.

The group disappeared from the soul scene after this release.

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Morning Noon And Night (United Artists Records 1977)

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