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the network pt.2


(soulwalkings on-line scrapbook)


Brian Mitchell and Fran O'Donnell

brian mitchell and fran o'donnell, circa 1988


Brian Mitchell


brian (the same year)


• Brian Mitchell (Great to see you a couple of years ago. hopefully, see you soon!)





• Lance in Seattle (As you said 'Keeping the flame alive in the Northwest!' Thanks for keeping in touch from so many miles away. Take care my friend and up the Hammers!! LOL)


• Sheila, Tania & Jeremy and their respective families (thank you for your letters Sheila. You are a very wonderful woman, who has been an inspiration to this sad old fool. Take care and much love)


Lisa, Friend and Sally

lisa, finnie and sally


• Sally (Great to see you at Oscar's Christening. Got yourself a good man there. Hold on tight to him. Take care. Hopefully your family will become a larger unit soon. You know what I mean. It will happen.)


Owen Snee



• Owen Snee & Family (Jordan deejaying yet? Must put some HSBC graphics in your loo at home!! Take care of yourself. Another human being that I have had the real pleasure of knowing. Glad you guys are coming home. By the way, you have a great Dad. Tell him he talks too much! LOL)


Connor & Sarah

sarah & connor


• Connor & Sarah (Top floor! We should go to Andalusia together one day. Love to you both. Also Connor, really sad to hear about your fathers passing. Lost mine 1997. Not an easy time, my friend. Might be neighbours soon? That would be nice.)


Sue Johnson

sue johnson


• Sue Johnson (A woman with amazing courage and skill. Pleasure to know you. You are a kind woman, who has been a very good friend to Julie. I really thank you for that. What a fine credit to humanity you are.)


Martin & Claire

martin & claire





• Martin & Claire McGhee (Got any marble? Pleasure to see you both at Nicks. What great people you both are. You guys tied the knot. Brilliant news! Brilliant evening as well!)


• Rose (Long time no see. So pleased you found your father. Whenever we speak, you totally confuse me! That is one of the nicest things about you. You make me feel as if I have a Soul Mate! LOL Looking forward to the barbecue. Take care missus!)


Camelle Hinds



• Camelle (Great album my friend. Don't leave it too long before the next one. So much rubbish out there. We need some of your quality to brighten up the music scene.)


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Dave, Charles & Martha

dave with charles waring and martha redbone


• Dave Jarvis (How are you my fellow photograph destroyer? Hope to catch up with you soon. Thanks for the site postings for Creme.)


• Carol (Hope you are keeping well and say hi to Steve for me)


Martin & Roy

the dendles with roy ayers


• Martin Dendle (Hope you are giving those CD's I made for you, a good workout!)


Simon Trounce



• Simon Trounce (Always a pleasure to get together.)


Lisa & Martin



• Lisa Dendle (Thanks for the great party! Thanks for the gigs for Grace as well.)


Sparky & Roy

sparky & roy


• Sparky (Finally got you that Lenny Williams CD!)


Michael Riozzi



• Michael Riozzi (Great to chat, anytime, with a scouser, who is also a United fan....and a lefty!. Couldn't ask for more!)


Paul Brock

adrian robbins and paul brock


• Paul Brock (you have a dancing style all of your very own! Unique and unmistakable! Abigail's Party lives!)


• Adrian & Lisa Robbins (hope you are keeping well my friend)


• The Cornish connection:


Robert, Gary, Andrew, Carol, Daniel, Chris Stephen, Yvonne, Jamie, Joshua and Sam Flood


• The family members who have left us:


Dennis Flood


dennis william flood 1935-1986


Winnie Flood


winnifred beatrice flood 1938-2008


George Flood


dennis george flood 1957-2012


Michael Flood


michael alan flood 1970-2005


• Michael Alan Flood. Mike, you will be missed by many people. More than you would realise if you were here with us right now. Loved you very much my friend and we'll hook up again in the 'other room' at some stage. I'll bring the bring the music. No rubbish mind! LOL We hung around with you after the accident at the chapel. I helped Yvonne put your wedding ring in your pocket and Gary gave me a bracelet to put on your wrist. Your 'leaving doo' was very well attended, 'Floody'...R.I.P, my handsome...


The Cornish Connection

daniel, gary, robert, andrew, christopher, jamie, joshua, sam, steven, grace and a breadcrumb on the lens!


Corinne and Andy

andy connell and corinne drewery


• Corinne Drewery. Corinne, Julie and I were really touched by your writing to the local council in Cornwall, regarding that stretch of road where Mike was killed. I hope it has some positive effect. You and Andy are very caring people. Thank you.


Chris Stocken and Tolley

chris and steve tolley


• Chris & Jackie Stockon (Great to see you guys at Roy's doo. Thanks for the positive site feedback. Chris, you are a political touchstone. Thank you my friend)


Marvin Gaye & Dave Godin

dave godin with marvin


• Dave Godin (Your views were not a million miles from my own. 'Keeping your head whilst others are losing theirs'. I was very, very sad to hear you passed away. You were a very great man in all senses of the word.)


Paul Auerbach

paul auerbach (reader in economics at Kingston University)


• Paul Auerbach (anyone who can speak fluent Russian must be taken seriously!! LOL You have been an enormous support over the years, my friend. Thank you so much. Known you since the Sixties. You are a great human being. You aren't aware of that, are you? It's the truth.)


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Eric LeBlanc

eric leblanc r.i.p.


• Eric and Mary LeBlanc (Really shocked me to hear of Eric's passing in 2015. he was one of the most supportive people at this website. Respect to all of the family.)


Steve Lewis

steve & mac (animal nightlife) - 1982


• Steve Lewis (Hope to get to see you soon. Sorry I missed you at Swing Out Sister's album launch. Catch up another time.)


• Gerard (Roy Keane for President! Thanks for all the support...and pizza's!! LOL)


• Fi (Hope everything works out for you. You are a very nice woman)


Mark White

mark in 1981


• Mark White (Good to speak (via Clive!) at the end of last year. Hope you are keeping well)


Greg & Roy

greg & roy


• Greg & Annette Price & Family (Sheffield had a great export..........great to get you back!!! LOL)


Liam Tuke

liam and the gang


• Liam, Teresa & Family (Loved the set at the Christmas Charity gig. Keep in touch.)


Andy Waterman

andy waterman


Andy & Lenny

andy with lenny williams


• Andy Waterman & Family (respect to the family. You are a very special person and a credit to our global community, my friend. I don't know a woman out there that hasn't taken a shine to you at one time or another!! LOL)


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Charles Waring

charles waring


Charles Waring & Lamont Dozier

charles waring & lamont dozier


• Charles Waring (Blues and Soul would be a poorer place without your input. Really pleased we touched base at Ledisi's gig. World needs more people like you. Did I drink too much last night? LOL. Glad we got the Jackson Sisters in touch with you.)


Tashan & Grace

tashan and grace


• Tashan (What a great human being you are my friend. A credit to the planet. Love to the family and hope that you get to see more of Heiress in the future. Her and Grace will have a ball when they meet!! Great to hook up in 2003. May it not be the last time. First time I have only seen your feet and nothing else, trapped under Grace's cabin bed!! LOL Love to Kadeem as well. Future deejay I think!! Much love to your Mom.)


Lonnie Thurman Cook

lonnie thurman cook


• Lonnie Cook (Lonnie, thank you for more support at the site than this old soulboy deserves. I was very touched by your comments on Kev's show. I hope that you have a new lease of musical life, my friend. Your songwritings surely deserve at least that.)


alexis nichele pauling

alexis nichele pauling


• Alexis Pauling (Thank you so much for sending me the interview you did with your dad as a child. Really pleased you got in touch and really enjoyed our exchanges on the Net. Love to all the family. Good luck with your singing career. Peace Sista.)


Lamont Dozier

Lamont Dozier


Lamont and Barbara

Lamont and Barbara


• Lamont and Barbara Dozier (Nearly fell off my chair when you asked to meet up. Hope you got the CD's O.K. Thanks for letting me take a picture or two of you. You are the nicest of people)


Teena Marie

teena marie - 2010


• Teena Marie (it was a real delight to sit and talk with you (and Charles). You have achieved a great deal for other artists out there. Gutted to hear you had passed away at Christmas. Respect and love to your family)


Sheree Brown

sheree brown


• Sheree Brown (thank you for all of your support since the site went online. Thank you for the music!)


Toby & Gwen McCraeGwen McCraePari & Gwen

pari and gwen 2006


• Gwen McCrae (Great to see you in June 2005. Finally got you here with Pari and the great Soulpower crew. They are such nice folks. Lovely to see you and thanks for the shout during the show. Very touching. You had the song line-up arranged perfectly. Everyone who went e-mailed me and said how much they enjoyed themselves. Thanks as well Pari.)


Marva WhitneyMarva & Toby

• Marva Whitney (Great to see you, along with Charles in 2005. Hope the book goes well. If you have Charles on board, you are ensured of something of real quality. Great show by the way. You have an amazing voice.)


Martha Redbone

• Martha Redbone (Great showcase sista. With Peter and Santosh you are in great hands. You have a lovely album there. Deserves great things.)


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Mark Webster

mark webster


•Mark Webster and Family (Always good to meet for a beer. Thanks for keeping me updated with Tashan's 12". Love to the family)


Barry Towler

barry towler


• Barry Towler (Thanks for all the support at the site Barry. Really appreciate it. Love to the family)


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