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the network pt.3


(soulwalkings on-line scrapbook)



Janice Chantee Julie


janice, chantee and julie



janice & julie


• Janice (thank you for your company and support. love from julie and myself)


Chatee & Nick

chantee and nick


• Chantee (thank you for your company again at happy days. see you next year!)


Tash & Dwight

dwight & tasha


• Tash & Dwight (great wedding this year. thank you for inviting us along. love to you guys)


Lana Durovic

lana durovic


• Lana Durovic (great to have worked with you and I hope that you and your family are all keeping well. Take care)


• Veronica Geal (another woman who has been through a great deal. You are very great person. Always a pleasure when we meet.)


• Alex Simons (No, I haven't got that 'rare groove!! No 'accounting' for taste!! LOL)


Glenn Murphy

glenn in black 1982


• Glen Murphy (Always a pleasure to share a beer with. Thanks for the Vejer trip.)


Clive Clark and Tommy Mac

clive clarke and tommy mac


Clive Clark and Friends

clive clarke with grant santino (centre) and martin 'tornado' gayle, chris 'spin' dryer, dj carlos, dj carlos's friend and carol chaplin (cherie blair's recent style guru, no less) at 18 years of age.


clive and plug


• Clive Clarke & Tommy Mac (Hadn't seen you, Clive, since 1977 at the bar at the Global Village. Seemed like yesterday. Great to see you and hope that all you undertake goes well for you, my friend. Tommy, I wish you all the best.)


Tony & Plug

tony, plug, dave and ray


• Tony Le Van & Family (Long time no see and yes I am putting on weight!! LOL)


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Steve Tolley & Roy Power 1981

steve tolley and roy power 1982


• Steve Tolley (Thanks for joining the weekly mailing lists. Hope all is well. I remember our outrageous trips out in '81. Respect to you my friend.)


• Tony Horn (Although I know we haven't met personally to date, I feel as if I know you very well, my friend. Great magazine, Soulin is, without doubt. See you soon, hopefully)


• Trevor (Thanks for all the requests. Kept me on my toes!! LOL. You have very good taste, my friend)


Leo Hallin

leo hallin


• Leo Hallin (So much support at the site, I don't need legs to stand up!! LOL. Thanks Leo)


George Reid

george reid


• George Reid (Thanks for being there at the outset, George. All those shouts on your radio shows made me blush a little. Keep on keepin on as Curtis once said. Good to know you my friend)


• Andy (How's the CD's coming on? Sorry to hear about the shop. See you for a beer soon, my friend)


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John Gurrin

john gurrin 1981


John Gurrin & Family (Good to see you guys in Falmouth. Love to your family)


• Martin Allen & Family (Love to all the family)


Lynne's Parrots 2003

lynne's parrots 2003


• Lynne Boon (Genuinely good person. See you for a beer before yuletide?...again. Love to the parrots!! LOL. Take care now, pet!)


• Ann Matura & family (Hope all is fine at the record company and the family are all well)


John McDonagh


John Mcdonagh




• John McDonagh & Family (Long time no see. Must rectify that.)


• Bean (Great to see you at Michelle's 50th!)


Tuk and Junia

tuk and junia


• Junia Brown (Best musical tastes west of the M25! Yee Haaa! How ya keepin' youth!! LOL)


Lester Bachelor & Clive Clark

lester and clive 2005


Billy, Michael, Lester, Grace

billy, michael, lester and grace


• Lester Bachelor (Off to Montreaux this year? Thanks for the work my friend and where is that photo of Atmosfear you promised me!! LOL Clive talks a lot doesn't he?)

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• Wayne, Tracey & Family (Is it the original cylinder recording on Stax! LOL)


• Conan (Hope you are keeping well & happy. Always a pleasure to see you my friend.)


Chris Fanning



• Chris Fanning (Now hows about that 1976 doo next year, my old 'Greyhound in Croydon' friend? Thanks for letting me deejay at your doo a couple of years back.)


• Paulette Jean Jacques (What are you up to these days, sista? Where are you?)


• Peter, Shirley, James & all at Land Design (Best designers in town! Great to see you recently. Saved someone's life I know what I mean!! LOL)


Tony Benn

tony benn


Chatting With Tony Benn

chatting with tony benn in 1984


• Rt. Hon Tony Benn MP & Family (The Funk Force still burns strong. Thanks for the Christmas cards over the years. Rest In Peace Socialist Man)


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Robbie Vincent

robbie vincent


Peter Young

peter young (with alan freeman, charlie gillett and gary crowley - circa 1983)


Chris Hill, Robbie Vincent and Brian Mitchell

chris hill, robbie vincent and brian mitchell


The Deejays: Robbie Vincent, Peter Young, Chris Hill, Gilles Peterson, Jeff Young, Ralph Tee, Steve Hobbs, Kev Roberts, Chris Brown, Tony Monson, Tom Holland, Greg Edwards, Sean French, Richard Searling and... (The list is as long as my daughters Christmas 'wants' list! LOL)


The Goldmine

the goldmine


Cheekee Pete's

cheekee pete's

The Clubs: The Lacy Lady, The Global Village, The Goldmine, The Atlantis, Flicks, The Hilltop, Frenchies, Bogarts in Harrow, Cheekee Pete's, Pantiles, The 100 Club, Crackers, The Watersplash, The Rio, America's, The Roxy, all the soul weekenders (bound to be many I have forgotten!)


• The artists who have dropped by the site at some stage:


Tashan, Lamont Dozier, Syreeta Wright, Mitty Collier, The Jones Girls, Gwen McCrae, Swing Out Sister, Michael Stokes, Mandrill, Linda Tillery, Juicy, Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose, Linda Clifford, Bessie Banks, Joshie Jo Armstead, Pauli Carman of Champaign, Vernon Fails of Chapter 8, Keni Stevens, The Pastels, Ann Sexton, The Soul Children, Vertical Hold, Larry Mizell Jnr, Tim Dillinger, Tavares, Nolen & Crossley, Paul Riser Jnr, Undisputed Truth, Deodato, Lonnie T. Cook, The Waters, Bobbi Humphrey, Randy Muller, Michael Sutton, Gene Chandler, Penny Wells, Fat Larry's Band, Jeff Lorber, Antoinette Manganas, Don Freeman, Ozone, Steve Mancha, Tune Weavers, Tony Terry, Sandra Wright, Ramsey Lewis's son, One of The Dells daughters, Dee Dee Sharp Gamble, Crown Heights Affair, Marva Whitney, The Showstoppers, Rare Gems Odyssey, Ramp, Ed Townsend's wife, Force MD's, The Elgins, L.A. Boppers, 5 Royales, Jerry Bell, Mystic Merlin, Starpoint, Mike Jimenez, Onaje Allan Gumbs, The Seven Souls, Lonnie Cook, Leon Ware, Don Blackman, The Chestnut Brothers, The Detroit Emeralds, Archie Bell And The Drells, Orly, Ronnie McNeir, The Chestnut Brothers, Jenny James, Tracy Cruz, The Three Degrees, Lamar Thomas, The Tymes, Wornell Jones, New York Skyy, Zoom, Atmosfear, Augie Johnson, Chuckii Booker, Mack Rice (The Falcons), Nona Hendryx, Passion, Leroy and Nate Hutson, Patrick Adams, The Younghearts, Billy Griffin, Creative Source, Donna McGhee, Roy C, Lonnie Hill, Pleasure, Lesette Wilson, Sheree Brown, The Satintones, Freddie Jackson's people, Willie Tee, David Lasley, Ben Sidran, The Jackson Sisters, Sydney Joe Qualls, Elaine Stepter, The Chi-Lites, Richard Caiton's uncle, Ronn Matlock, Nathan Heathman, Dorothy Moore, Sly, Slick & Wicked, Bobby Eli, Tonni Smith, The Braxton Brothers, Unlimited Touch, Susaye Green, Rose Royce, Rov've, Ray, Goodman & Brown, Jimmy Castor, Cuba Gooding, Swamp Dogg, Tom Browne, Charles Drain Jnr, Gavin Christopher, New Birth, Guinn, Imagination, Detroit Romeo's, Phil Perry, Tommy Stewart, Imprompt2, Mtume, The Knight Brothers, The Lost Generation, Into New Directions, David Simmons, Noel McKoy, Marva Whitney, Camelle Hinds, Chris Bangs and Al Broomfield.


• My parents (Totally confused as to what has transpired over the last 56 years. Freddie, rest in peace, Mary, hope you are keeping well.)


Freddie WalkerMary Wilde

freddie and mary


Llew, Peter Bruntnell & Sally

llew, peter bruntnell & sally


• Llew, Sally, Max & Charlie (Hope you guys are keeping well)

• Dylanie (what's going on?)

• The Yorkshire connection (Maureen, good to talk after all these years. Do send my love to Richard, Gillian and Roger.)


Richard and Belynda

richard and belynda


• The New Zealand connection (thanks for sending me the image Belynda. I hope Joan and Verity are keeping well. Regards to your respective husbands Adam and David)


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• Penultimately, thanks to all of the visitors at this site over the months and years. Every single soul that has been here, I thank you. Be gentle with yourselves. The World is full of apathy, arrogance and stress. Life is certainly uncertain thesedays, as 'Dimples' said 23 years ago. Work on what you believe in. Speak your own truths and be certain of your goals. They are a real guiding light in a time of political and Worldly change. It may not occur to you, however, you have a reason for living and being here. Nature couldn't function without your presence. Be good to yourselves. Take care of your friends. They are a real credit to you and they will be how you are remembered, all told. Think of others. Try to love your families. They may not return that love, however, nature cannot be denied. What you do will come back to you. You will receive love if you give love. Simple really. Our lives get complicated because the bad people out there want it to. It hides their guilt and sadness. Be good to, even the ones you see as evil. Feel for them. They must be tearing themselves up inside. Real shame. We all start our lives with the same building blocks. It is the knocks, along the way, that form the individual. I hope you all live to a ripe old age, love the soul music that has been and is still to me made. We cannot deny that we love, live, are born and die. Be good to yourselves in this life. It may seem a little crazy at times, however, nature has it's own way of correcting the balance. Always remember we are dead for a very long time, but alive for a very short duration in the great scheme of things. The secret of life is 'enjoying the passing of time', as James Taylor once sang. Love is always the answer to most ills. Take care now. who did I forget? LOL...





...finally, the two most important people in my life, Julie & Grace. How the hell you guys have put up with me, over the years, is beyond me. Thank you. Love you both forever. That's a promise. What would I do without you? You are both the 'one in a million' people, that, if you are lucky enough to cross paths in this life, you are truly blessed. Even after 24 years of being a couple and then marriage, when you walk into the room, Julie, I still fancy you to pieces. Grace, you are a great person who will achieve your goals in life. What they are, I don't know right now, however, I will help you in whatever you try to accomplish in life. Peace and love to you both. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Grace In Womb

grace at minus 6 months (november 93)


Grace WalkerGrace Walker



School Sports Day

school sports day 2003


Sue, Julie, Sarah


Sue, Julie, Sarah


sue avery, julie and sarah morris - whistles gang 1983


Grace & Julie

grace & julie 2005



to all these fantastic people (not me! LOL) and all of those who have supported the music (and each other!) over the last thirty, forty, fifty years. you are all great people....


Toby & Tim



...remember we pass this way only once in our lifetimes...


Toby Walker

a fool on gwithian beach, cornwall, circa 1985......and that fool is......


toby walker 2000/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16......


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