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noel mckoy

Noel McKoy

b. Noel McKoy, 1960, Clapham, South London, England.

d. 3rd November 2022, United Kingdom

Noel McKoy is a fine U.K. based soul singer.

He has performed with several U.K. acts including Nu Colours, the Pasadena's, the James Taylor Quartet, Snowboy, Sounds of Blackness, Steve Williamson and Linton 'Kwesi' Johnson.

Noel came to prominence in 1989 when 'McKoy' the collective of brothers Noel, Cornell, Robin and sister Junette released the songs 'I'm Lucky' and 'Family'.

At the same time Noel fronted the acid jazz cult band The James Taylor Quartet.

Noel toured many cities all over the World, including Holland, Hong Kong, New York Apollo Theatre and the Albert Hall in London.

Noel McKoy

He also performed at many festivals.

Noel cites his influences as being as diverse The Beatles, Dennis Brown, and Chaka Khan, to Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandella.

He has performed duets alongside Juliet Roberts, Mica Paris, Vanessa Simon and Beverley Knight.

Noel has also performed many successful studio sessions with the likes of Atlantic Star, Omar, Courtney Pine and Climie Fisher.

The album 'Full Circle - Within A Social Soul' was released in 1993.

Today, he owns his own label, Right Track Records, and in 1998 released the album, 'Please Take This Personal'.

Noel Mckoy has proved a versatile artist, crossing various musical boundaries.

Sir Cliff Richard said of him: 'His voice soars above many of his contemporaries and his ability to incorporate moods into his songs is a very special talent'

Mark Morrison utilised Noel's singing abilities for his song 'Just Good Friends', stating, 'I needed Noel's voice. It adds depth which works well with both mine and Gabrielle's'.

Today, Noel runs the Dutch Pot nightclub in London, where artists perform acoustic sets.

These have included Omar, Lynden David Hall, Tashan and himself.

He is currently working on new material.

Noel says: 'For those who know Soul is what you feel not what you hear.'

Noel McKoy died in November 2022.

Noel McKoy

Real Player


Full Circle (Within A Spiritual Social Soul) (Right Track Records 1993)

Please Take This Personal (Right Track Records 1998)

Brighter Day (Tri Sound Records 2009)

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