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ola onabule

Ola Onabule

b. Ola Onabule, b. 30th March, Islington, London, England.

Ola Onabule was born in Islington in London.

He, actually, spent his formative years in Nigeria where he formed his first band called The Diplomats.

The Diplomats gave Ola the opportunity to nuture his vocal abilities, whilst the soul artists, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and James Brown influenced his vocal stylings.

Ola first started playing clubs in and around London during the mid-eighties.

He collaborated with ex-Freeez ('Southern Freeez' etc) members following which brought a small amount of record company interest and produced a songwriting partnership with Jason Wright.

This collaboration led to a deal with Elektra records in the U.S.

By the early nineties, Ola and Elektra had parted company, and he decided to set up his own label entitled Rugged Ram Records.


The debut release, the single 'You'd Better Believe' was an instant radio success.

Ola was playlisted on London's Jazz FM, Kiss FM, Choice FM and many local radio stations around the U.K.

The song featured on several compilations along with a number of feature films and television programs.

Ola built on the success of the single by releasing his first album 'More Soul Than Sense'.

The album and its subsequent single releases, 'Trust Is All' and 'Bringing Love Back Again' were also well received by the press, radio and public alike.

Ola has subsequently, released three albums.

1997's 'From Meaning Beyond Definition', 1990's 'Precious Libations for Silent Gods' and 2002's 'Ambitions For Deeper Breadth'.


In 1999, Ola was the sole entertainer at Victoria ('Posh Spice') and David Beckhams wedding.

In 2001, he supported Jazz Singer Dianne Reeves at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

The following year Ola's fourth album was released, entitled 'Ambitions For Deeper Breadth', which was well received by the critics and soul fans alike.

Each of Ola's albums highlight his growning reputation within the industry.


Real Player


More Soul than Sense (Rugged Ram Records 1995)

From Meaning, Beyond Definition (Rugged Ram Records 1997)

Precious Libations for Silent Gods (Rugged Ram Records 1999)

Ambitions For Deeper Breadth (Rugged Ram Records 2002)

In Emergency, Break Silence (Rugged Ram Records 2004)

The Devoured Man (Rugged Ram Records 2007)

Seven Shades Darker (Rugged Ram Records 2012)

It's The Peace That Deafens (Dot Time Records 2015)

Point Less (Rugged Ram Records 2019)

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