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Oleta Adams

b. Oleta Adams, 4th May 1962, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Born in Seattle, Oleta Adams childhood was spent in Yakima, Washington, U.S.A.

She was born the daughter of a preacher and was raised with a gospel upbringing.

During the Seventies, Oleta approached several labels with some promotional material, but without success.

At the suggestion of her vocal tutor, she relocated to Kansas City and began performing locally.

Oleta formed her own trio in the early 80's and recorded two (self-funded) albums for a the, Kansas based, Going On SRK imprint.

'Going On Record' included her take on several songs including 'The Greatest Love Of All', 'If I Had A Hammer', along with 'From Now On' and 'Don't Look Too Closely'.

By 1985, Oleta was singing cabaret in a hotel bar in Kansas, when she was discovered by Roland Orzabel and Curt Smith of Tears For Fears.

In 1987, they invited her to sing on two tracks on their forthcoming 'The Seeds Of Love' album, entitled 'Woman In Chains' and 'Badman's Song'.

She became a part time band member, both live and in the recording studio.

This led to her own contract with 'Tears For Fears' Phonogram label.

Going On RecordCircle Of One

going on record - 1983 / circle of one - 1990

Oleta's first single was released on a promotional white label, for Fontana Records, and began to create a buzz on the better U.K. Soul radio stations.

The single, 'Rhythm Of Life', was originally written by Roland Orzabel for his own group's 'The Seeds Of Love' album.

Tears For Fears took on the production chores for Oleta's solo, 'Circle Of One', parent album release.

The album topped the U.K. chart and reached the U.S. Top 20.

Oleta included a cover version of the Brenda Russell song 'Get Here' on the same set, which was eventually released in 1991.

The same year Oleta contributed to the Elton John / Bernie Taupin tribute album, 'Two Rooms', on which appeared her version of Elton's 1974 hit 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me'.

EvolutionMovin' On

evolution - 1993 / movin' on - 1995

Her own album, 'Evolution' followed in 1993, containing her version of the James Taylor evergreen 'Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight', along with the sweet ballad, 'Hold Me For A While'.

In 1994, Oleta married drummer John Cushon at a United Methodist church in Kansas City, where they are both teachers.

The album, 'Movin' On' (released in 1995), saw Oleta in a more uptempo mood, which was followed by a greatest hits release in 1998.

Come Walk With MeThe Very Best Of

come walk with me - 1997 / the best of - 1998

Oleta left secular recording for a while in 1997, addressing the Gospel market with 'Come Walk With Me'.

In 1998, she toured as a guest vocalist on Phil Collins's Big Band Jazz Tour.

All The LoveI Can't Live A Day Without You

all the love - 2001 / i can't live a day without you - 2004

In 2002, returning to secular recordings, she released 'All The Love' on BMG Records, followed in 2004, by 'I Can't Live A Day Without You' for the G&Hme imprint.

In 2004, she reunited with Tears for Fears again, when she made a guest appearance onstage at a Kansas City concert, performing 'Woman in Chains'.

Christmas Time With OletaLet's Stay Here

christmas time with oleta - 2006 / let's stay here - 2009

In 2006, Oleta released an album of festive material entitled 'Christmas Time With Oleta', before releasing her 2009 Koch Records album, 'Let's Stay Here'.

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Untitled (Going On SRK Records 1982)

Going On Record (Going On SRK Records 13367 1983)

Circle Of One (Fontana Records 1990)

Evolution (Fontana Records 1993)

Movin' On (Fontana Records 1995)

Come Walk With Me (Harmony Records 1997)

All The Love (BMG Records 2002)

I Can't Live A Day Without You (G&Hme Records 2004)

Christmas Time With Oleta (Koch Records 2006)

Let's Stay Here (Koch Records 2009)

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