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the pastels

The Pastels

l to r: richard travis, dee irvin (front), tony thomas and jimmy willingham

The Pastels comprised of:

Big Dee Irwin (DiFosco 'Dee' Ervin - lead)

Richard Travis (tenor)

Tony Thomas (tenor)


Johnny B. Willingham (baritone)

The Pastels were an R&B, doo wop vocal group formed at a U.S. Air Force base in Narsarssuak, Greenland, in 1954.

Their first live appearances were with military showcases.


been so long b/w my one and only dream - 1957 / you don't love me anymore b/w let's go to the rock and roll ball - 1958

In 1958, their song 'Been So Long' reached the R&B top 5 (number 24 on the Billboard pop chart).

They also released 'You Don't Love Me Anymore' and 'So Far Away'.

The group disbanded in 1959.


Been So Long b/w My One And Only Dream (Mascot-123/Argo-5287 - 1957)

You Don't Love Me Anymore b/w Let's Go To The Rock & Roll Ball (Argo-5297 - 1958)

So Far Away b/w Don't Knock (Argo-5314 - 1958)

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