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Patti LaBelle

b. Patricia Holte (Patricia Louise Holte), 24th May 1944, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Real Player


Patti LaBelle (Epic Records 1977)

Tasty (Epic Records 1978)

It's Alright With Me (Epic Records 1979)

Released (Epic Records 1980)

The Spirit's In It (Philadelphia International Records 1981)

I'm In Love Again (Philadelphia International Records 1983)

Patti (Philadelphia International Records 1985)

The Winner In You (MCA Records 1986)

Be Yourself (MCA Records 1989)

Starlight Christmas (MCA Records 1990)

Burnin' (MCA Records 1991)

Live! (MCA Records 1992)

Gems (MCA Records 1994)

Flame (MCA Records 1997)

Sleigh Bells, Jingle Bells & Blue Bells (Newtown Music Records 1997)

Live at the Apollo [Up Front] (Up Front Records 1997)

Live at the Apollo [Blue Moon] (Blue Moon Records 1999)

When A Woman Loves (MCA Records 2000)

Timeless Journey (MCA Records 2004)

Miss Patti's Christmas (Def Soul Classics Records 2007)

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