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paulette reaves

Paulette Reaves

b. Paulette Reaves, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Paulette Reaves is a Miami based vocalist.

Her first album was recorded for the Blue Candle label in 1976, entitled 'Secret Lover'.

She made a further major impression with the Clarence Reid penned / produced 'Jazz Freak', released on the Blue Candle label (via TK) in 1977.

Secret LoverAll About Love

secret lover - 1976 / all about love - 1977

It was taken from the album 'All About Love', released later the same year.

'You Are My Star', from the album, was released on an Expansion Records compilation during the nineties.

On the single front, Paulette acheived success on the rare groove scene with her single 'Let Me Wrap You in My Love' b/w 'Your Real Good', released on Blue Candle the same year.

Paulette's final single for Blue Thumb came in 1980 with 'Man Enough For Two' b/w 'God Bless This Man Of Mine', before releasing one side for Dash Records in 1981 entitled 'Do It Again'.

Paulette Reaves

Real Player


Secret Lover (Blue Candle Records 1976)

All About Love (Blue Candle Records 1977)

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