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peoples choice

Peoples Choice

Formed in 1971, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Peoples Choice comprised of:

Frank Brunson (vocals and keyboards)

David Thompson (drums and percussion)

Valerie Brown and Marc Reed (vocals)

Darnell Jordan and Johnnie Hightower (guitars)

Clifton Gamble (keyboards)

Bill Rodgers (keyboards)


Stanley Thomas (bass and vocals)

Peoples Choice were formed by Frank Brunson in Philadelphia during the early 70's.

Prior to the later identity, the band recorded one side, during the sixties entitled 'Savin My Love For You', which was big on the Northern Soul Scene.

Signing to Philadelphia International Records (PIR), they worked with writer / producer Leon Huff (without Kenny Gamble on this occasion) on 'Do It Any Way You Wanna' (UK Top 40,1975), a Philadelphia International dance classic.

Peoples Choice

The song was taken from 'Boogie Down U.S.A.' (1975).

Further Philadelphia International albums were 'We Got Rhythm' (1976) and 'Turn Me Loose' (1978), including 'Jam Jam Jam' (UK Top 40).

In 1982 the group were with the TPC label for 'Still In Love With You' (containing the track 'Night').

Peoples Choice then signed to Mercury Records for 'Strikin' in 1984.

The group separated shortly afterwards.

Peoples Choice

Real Player


Boogie Down U.S.A. (Philadelphia International Records 1975)

We Got Rhythm (Philadelphia International Records 1976)

Turn Me Loose (Philadelphia International Records 1978)

Still In Love With You (TPC Records 1982)

Strikin' (Mercury Records 1984)

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