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Perri Sisters

Formed 1981.

Group Members are:

Carol Perry

Darlene Perry

Sharon Perry


Lori Perry

The Perri Sisters first started performing in their high-school days, proceeding from high school events to the local club circuit.

At the time they sang Top 40 material which they found boring, resulting ultimately in the group splitting up for a number of years.

In 1982 they were inspired to sing together again after attending a Pat Metheny concert.

The sisters put together a tape featuring cover versions of Pat's songs, and two days later Pat invited them to join him for a recording session.

Following live appearances with Pat in 1983 and 1985, they signed with Zebra Records (via MCA) and recorded a debut album Celebrate (1986), featuring two Metheny numbers, 'Airstream Two' and 'Jaco Two'.

Through a fortunate meeting at a doctor's office, Anita Baker invited Perri to back her in concert for a week in Los Angeles during 1986, then extended her invitation for a year-iong world tour.


celebrate! - 1986 / in flight - 1988 / tradewinds - 1990 / back to you - 2016

They also appeared on Joe Zawinul's album 'The Immigrant' and teamed up with Anita's producer Michael Powell for 'The Flight' in 1988 (which included 'I'm The One', co-written by Michael Powell, Dean Gant and Keni Burke).

In 1989, they hooked up with Spike Lee for the soundtrack album to his film 'Do The Right Thing'.

This included the songs 'Prove To Me', 'Feels So Good' (released as a single) and a duet by Lori Perri and Gerald Alston, 'Hard To Say'.

That year they signed directly to MCA where they have released one album 'Tradewinds' (1990), which includes 'Someone Like You'.

Also at MCA, Lori Perri co-wrole 'Touch Me Up' for the group Body.

Perri, as a group, have not released any new material, although Lori Perry continues to record, releasing 'One More Chance' on Jazz FM's 101 Eastbound compilation as well as other musicians 'smooth jazz' albums.

'Back To You' was released in 2016, on the group's own Perri label.

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Celebrate (Zebra Records 1986)

The Flight (Zebra Records 1988)

No Place to Go (Zebra Records 1989)

Tradewinds (MCA Records 1990)

solo Lori Perry: Wrote This Song (PaLance Records 2004)

Back To You (Perri Records 2016)

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