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peven everett

Peven Everett

b. Peven Everett, Harvey, Illinois, U.S.A.

Peven Everett is a producer, writer, vocalist, performer and a multi-instrumentalist.

He is proficient with several musical instruments including the guitar, keyboards, drums, bass, trombone, woodwinds and various percussion instruments.

Born and raised in Illinois, at the age of 17, Berkley School of Music awarded Peven a full scholarship when he departed high school.

Peven placed his scholarly education on hold after being offered the opportunity to tour with, Betty Carter, Winton Marsalis and Brandford Marsalis.

This tour took him to New York where he relocated for six years in order to pursue his jazz career.

In 1998, he relocated again back to Chicago with a view to developing his musical career.

Against All Odds against all odds

Performing the trumpet, Peven recorded solos on tracks on Curtis Lundy's album, 'Against All Odds', in 1999, which included the single, 'Groydology'.

Apart from his classical musical training, he is a competent songwriter, vocalist and dancer.

Juxtaposing his Jazz performances at the Blue Note, Sweet Basil and Smalls in New York City, he also impressed the House music fraternity in Chicago.

It was in 1997, when he began recording deep house records with various collaborators on tracks such as 'Gabriel' and 'Watch Them Come', and remixes for Terry Callier on his 'Spartacus' EP.

Moving between genre's, Peven has returned to his jazz and soul roots, performing with his trio, Séance Divine at various locations.

Studio ConfessionsKissing Game

In 2002, Peven released his first full-length album 'Studio Confessions' which was licensed in the U.S. by ABB Records and in the U.K. by PBS.

The following year, the single 'I Can't Believe I Loved Her' was released and reached number one on the dance music charts.

Easy Livin'Latest Craze Pt.1

It was followed by the European full-length release of 'Kissing Game', which saw Peven take on the role of producer, showcasing vocalist Billie Jewell and Larry Billups Jr. on percussion.

Highlighting his several musical disciplines, Peven owns six different record labels. these include: Studio Confessions (soul); Satellite Soundscape (hip hop); Mogul (house & pop); Samba Kid (Latin samba & bombossa); Feather Plume (jazz), and Loud Mouth (alternative rock).

Following a remarkable phase of musical output, Peven released 'Power Soul' late in 2006. This set contained the popular Soul song 'This Just In', a favourite amongst the U.K. Soul music fraternity.

Power SoulSincerely Yours

'Sincerely Yours' followed in 2008, containg the dancer 'Miss Chicago', another track destined to make waves.

Peven Everett

king of hearts 2013

Real Player


Speed Of Light (Studio Confessions 2002)

Studio Confessions (ABB Records 2002)

My Brazil (Studio Confession Entertainment 2003)

Summer Solstace (Studio Confession Entertainment 2003)

Kissing Game (Studio Confession Entertainment 2004)

Bigger Picture (Studio Confession Entertainment 2004)

Scapes In Modern Blue (Studio Confession Entertainment 2004)

Swing Dirty Dirty (Studio Confession Entertainment 2004)

Latest Craze Pt. 1 (Traffic Entertainment/Studio Confession Entertainment 2005)

Bomba City (Studio Confession Entertainment 2005)

Gold Coast Debutante's (Studio Confession Entertainment 2005)

Summer Solstace II (Studio Confession Entertainment 2005)

Easy Livin' (Studio Confession Entertainment 2006)

Kit Karamel (Studio Confession Entertainment 2006)

Leopard Stories (Studio Confession Entertainment 2006)

Midnight Sweat (Studio Confession Entertainment 2006)

My Life, My Struggle (Studio Confession Entertainment 2006)

Power Soul (Studio Confession Entertainment 2006)

Reflections Of Misconceptions (Studio Confession Entertainment 2006)

Saturday Night Orchestra (Studio Confession Entertainment 2006)

Stories From The Underground (Studio Confession Entertainment 2006)

Water Color Dream (Studio Confession Entertainment 2006)

James Brown Thank You (Studio Confession Entertainment 2007)

Laws Of Gravity (Studio Confession Entertainment 2007)

Notions (Studio Confession Entertainment 2007)

Peven (Studio Confession Entertainment 2007)

The Realness (Studio Confession Entertainment 2007)

Sincerely Yours (Studio Confession Entertainment 2008)

Bombshell (Studio Confession Entertainment 2009)

Beyond The Universe (Studio Confession Entertainment 2009)

Party Of The Year (Studio Confession Entertainment 2009)

King Of Hearts (Studio Confession Entertainment 2013)

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