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phyllis st. james

Phyllis St. James

b. Phyllis Yvonne Williams, U.S.A.

Phyllis St. James is an accomplished singer, songwriter and percussionist.

Phyllis is based in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

She has penned songs for a wide range of artists during the '80's.

These include Norman Connors on his 'Take It To The Limit' album, Jean Carne on her 'Mystic Stranger' outing along with 'Bet Your Lucky Star', Rodney Franklin on his 'You'll Never Know' album, 'Parkay Man', 'Endless Flight' and 'Return To The Source', and The Jones Girls on their 'The World Will Sing Our Song' set.

As a solo singer Phyllis signed to Motown in 1984 where she recorded one album entitled 'Ain't No Tuming Back'.

This album included the songs 'Candlelight Afternoon' and 'Phonemate'.

Phyllis has, additionally, sung background vocals for various artists including Rodney Franklin, singing the lead on 'Windy City', Randy Crawford, Teddy Pendergrass, Gerald Albright and Atlantic Starr.

Phyllis has also sung with several rock artists including Pink Floyd (on their 1987 album 'A Momentary Lapse Of Reason') and Paul Young (on his 'Other Voices' set).

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Ain't No Tuming Back (Motown Records 1984)

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