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pic and bill

Pic and Bill

Pic and Bill are:

Charles Edward Pickens (b. 9th May 1940, North Carolina, U.S.A.)


Billy Mills (b. North Carolina, U.S.A.)

Pic and Bill are a vocal duo from North Carolina.

In 1965 they relocated to Fort Worth, Texas.

There, they recorded for Major Bill Smith, who owned the Le Cam, Soft, Charay and Shalimar imprints.

In 1966, they released ‘What Would I Do’ for Charay, which was followed by ‘All I Want Is You’, ‘It’s Not You’ and ‘Nobody But My Baby’.

Pic and BillPic and BillPic and BillPic and Bill

thirty minutes of soul - 1967 / the soul of a man - 1969 / thirty minutes of soul - 1978 / taking up the slack - 1987

They released an album, entitled 'Thirty Minutes Of Soul', which was released on Charay, and, later, the LeCam and Twelve O’Clock labels.

They continued to record into the Seventies and the Eighties.

Real Player


Thirty Minutes Of Soul (Vibration Records 1967)

The Soul Of A Man (Belter Records 1969)

Thirty Minutes Of Soul (Twelve O'Clock Records 1978)

Taking Up the Slack (Voices From The Shadows Records 1987)

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