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platinum hook

Platinum Hook

Platinum Hook comprised of:

Stephen Daniels (drums, percussion, lead and background vocals)

Tina Renee Stanford (percussion, lead and background vocals)

Robert Douglas (keyboards and background vocals)

Elisha 'Skipp' Ingram (bass and background vocals)

Victor Jones (guitar and background vocals)

Robin David Corley (saxophone, flute, bird calls and background vocals)


Glenn Wallace (trombone and background vocals)

Platinum Hook were signed to Motown Records in 1978, where the recorded a self titled debut album, which was produced by Greg Wright.

The track 'Gotta Find A Woman' proved popular amongst U.K. soul fans, with the George Clinton penned 'Standing On The Verge (Of Getting It On)' seeing a single release.

'It's Time' became the second Motown album for the band in 1979, before a move and change of personnel to RCA Records saw the release of 'Watching You', a 'mini' album produced by Reggie Andrews and Leon Ndugu Chancler.

A single release, 'Girl I'm Watching You' was released from that set, which saw artistic input from Paulinho Da Costa and Gerald Albright.

Platinum Hook

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Platinum Hook (Motown Records 1978)

It's Time (Motown Records 1979)

Watching You (RCA Records 1983)

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