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Formed in 1975, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Later based in Los Angeles, Pockets were proteges of Earth, Wind & Fire.

The group consisted of:

Albert McKinney (keyboards / vocals)

Gary A. Grainger (bass / vocals)

Glenn Grainger (trumpet / vocals)

Larry Jacobs (vocals / percussion)

Charles Williams (trumpet / vocals / percussion)

Irving Madison (sax / vocals / percussion)

Kevin Barnes (trombone / vocals / percussion)

Jacob Sheffer (guitar / percussion)


George Gray (drums / vocals / percussion)

Pockets were originally signed to Maurice White's label ARC (via CBS).


come go with us - 1977 / take it on up - 1978

Their albums included the Verdine White produced 'Come Go With Us' (1977) (including the popular title track and their version of the Stairsteps 'Pasado').

They followed, the Maurice White produced, 'Take lt On Up' (1978), including 'Heaven Only Knows' later recorded, by Teddy Pendergrass), 'Tell Me Why' (written by Keni Burke) and 'You And Only You' (written by Ray Parker Jr).


so delicious - 1979 / golden classics - 1996

Their final album release was the Verdine White / Robert Wright produced 'So Delicious' (1979), containing 'How Do You Think It Feels'.

A reformed version of the group are set to tour Europe in early 2017.


pockets 1977


pockets 2016

Real Player


Come Go With Us (Columbia Records 1977)

Take It On Up (Columbia Records 1978)

So Delicious (Columbia Records 1979)

Golden Classics (Columbia Records 1996)

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