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pointer sisters

Pointer Sisters

These four sisters are:

Anita Pointer (b. 23rd January 1948)

Bonnie Pointer (b. 11th July 1951, East Oakland, California, U.S.A.)

Ruth Pointer (b. 1946)


June Pointer (b. 30th November 1953, East Oakland, California, U.S.A. d. 11th April 2006, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.)

The Pointer Sisters were all born and raised in Oakland, California, U.S.A., and first sang together in the West Oakland Church of God where their parents were ministers.

Sisters, Bonnie, June and Anita embarked on a secular career that culminated in work as backing singers with several acts including Cold Blood, Taj Mahal, Bruce Willis, Boz Scaggs, Elvin Bishop and Grace Slick.

Ruth joined the group in 1972, a year before their self-named debut album was released.

In their early incarnation, the sisters 40's image was remarkable for that period, and was revolutionary in many ways, musically.

Their repertoire was varied, however, and included versions of Allen Toussaint's 'Yes We Can Can' and Willie Dixon's 'Wang Dang Doodle', as well as original compositions.

One such song, 'Fairytale', won a 1974 Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance.


They went their seperate ways briefly in 1977, but while Bonnie Pointer embarked on a solo career, the remaining trio regrouped and signed with producer Richard Perry's new label, Planet.

'Fire', wittten by Bruce Springsteen, was a million-selling single in 1979.

The Pointers' progress continued with two further gold discs, 'He's So Shy' (taken from the 1980 album 'Special Things') and 'Slow Hand', while two 1984 releases, 'Jump (For My Love)' and 'Automatic', won further Grammy awards.

June and Anita also recorded solo releases.

June Pointer died in 2006. She was 52.

She died of cancer at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, California, with her sisters Ruth and Anita at her bedside.

June sang solo on the groups 1975 album 'Steppin', on the song 'Wanting Things'.

She had two brothers Aaron and Fritz Pointer.

Real Player


The Pointer Sisters (Blue Thumb 1973)

That's A Plenty (Blue Thumb 1974)

Live At The Opera House (Blue Thumb 1974)

Steppin' (ABC 1975)

Havin' A Party (Blue Thumb 1977)

Energy (Planet 1978)

Priority (Planet 1979)

Special Things (Planet 1980)

Black And White (Planet 1981)

So Excited! (Planet 1982)

Break Out (Planet 1983)

Contact (RCA 1985)

Hot Together (RCA 1986)

Serious Slammin' (RCA 1988)

Right Rhythm (Motown 1990)

Only Sisters Can Do That (1993)

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