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positive force

Positive Force

The group comprised of:

Albert Williams

Brenda Reynolds


Vickie Drayton

This eight-piece jazz/soul/funk act were formed in Pennsylvania, U.S.A, by Brenda Reynolds and Albert Williams.

Positive Force will be best remembered for their dancefloor classic 'We Got The Funk', released on Sugarhill Records in 1979.

The producer Nate Edmunds discovered the ensemble and brought them to Sylvia Robinson's Sugarhill label.

Nate produced their aforementioned single, 'We Got The Funk', which he had co-written with Reynolds and Williams.

Curtis Knight & the Squires

curtis knight and the squires (jimi hendrix: left)

Nate Edmonds, at one time played organ with Curtis Knight & the Squires, a band that included Jimi Hendrix, during the Sixties.

The record remained out of the limelight in the U.S., however, it became a big club hit in the U.K. and spent a week in the Top 20 in 1979.

Positive Force featured six male singers along with two female vocalists, Brenda Reynolds and Vickie Drayton.

Positive ForcePositive Express

An album 'Positive Force', produced by Nate Edmonds, was released a year later along with a follow up single, 'Especially For You'.

The album contained some more downbeat moments such as 'Today It Snowed'.

Despite appearances on shows such as Top Of The Pops in the U.K., it was to be their sole success for Reynolds and the group's other vocalist, Vicki Drayton.

Positive Force made a brief re-appearance in the U.K. Top 75 the following year when 'We Got The Funk' was featured in the club / disco medley hit from Calibre Cuts.

The group can also add to their CV the vocal party ambience on the Sugarhill Gang record 'Rappers Delight', as the Sugarhill Records house band.

Positive Force evolved in 1982 into Positive Express for a second album, entitled Changing Times, a joint venture by Victory and Sugarhill Records.

A further release, recorded under the name of Positive Force, was released in 1987 on the LVW Entertainment imprint, entitled 'Federation Of Love'.

Federation Of Love federation of love 1987

Positive Force

Real Player


Positive Force (Sugarhill Records 1980)

Changing Times (Victory/Sugarhill Records 1982) (After a name change to Positive Express. Thanks To Joerg In Bremen for that one. We have some great visitors to the site!)

Federation Of Love (LVW Entertainment Records 1987)

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