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The Presidents

The Presidents were a three part harmony, sweet soul group, from Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

The group comprised:

Tony Boyd

Archie Powell


Billy Shorter

The Presidents are, perhaps, most fondly remembered for their song '5-10-15-20 (25-30 Years of Love)' b/w 'I'm Still Dancing' SUX 207.

The song made the number 11 spot in the national charts and was penned by group members Tony Boyd and Archie Powell.

Billy Shorter completed the trio's line-up.

'25-30 Years of Love' was produced by the late Van McCoy.

Based in Washington D.C., the trio decided to call themselves The Presidents after their hometown.

Their label, the Sussex imprint released three further sides on the group, however, these were less successful than the chart hit.

Prior to their association with Sussex, the Presidents recorded for the Hollywood and Deluxe records labels.

These melodies included the Van McCoy penned ballads 'For You' and 'The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven'

Chris Bartley had a minor hit with the latter song, which was also released by the SpellBinders on Columbia.

The Presidents later changed their name to Anacostia and recorded for the Columbia, MCA, Tabu, and Roulette labels, well into the following decade.

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5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 (Years Of Love) (U.S. Sussex Records 1971)

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