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prime time

Prime Time

Formed  1972, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Prime Time comprised of:

Jimmy Hamilton (vocals/keyboards, formerly of the Jimmy Hamilton Trio)

Frankie 'Babe' Moore (vocals/drums)

Dale Hightower (vocals/percussion)


Maurice Hayes (bass/lead vocals)

Prime Time were formed in 1972.

The group are a Los Angeles-based band who took twelve years to land a record deal, eventually signing to Total Experience for a 1984 single 'Love Talk'.

Their first album release was 'Flying High' for the Total Experience label in 1984.

The album contained the track 'I Owe It To Myself', popular with soul fans in the U.K.

In 1985 a second album followed entitled 'Confess It Baby' prior to the demise of Total Experience.

That album contained the popular tune 'What's That You Slipped Into My Wine?'

Real Player


Flying High (Total Experience Records 1985)

Confess It Baby (Total Experience Records 1985)

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