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rainbow brown

Rainbow Brown

Rainbow Brown comprised of:

Fonda Rae(all lead vocals)

Yvonne Lewis

Lucy Martin


Ullanda McCullough

Rainbow Brown were the brainchild of legendary producer / songwriter Patrick Adams.

The group were a studio concept act with their name referring to the different shades of Black Music Stylings in existence at the time.

Signing to the New York based label Vanguard Records, the group released their only album to date entitled 'Rainbow Brown'.

With Patrick Adams at the helm on production, arrangement and songwriting chores, the set was released in 1981.

The first single 'Till You Surrender' did well on the club circuit with the album, also, featuring a version of, Donna McGee's original tune, 'It Ain't No Big Thing'.

Taka Boom (Chaka Khan's sister and a good friend of original lead singer Fonda Rae) was to later remake the track 'Till You Surrender', in 1997, with U.K. Deejay, Joey Negro, retitling the track 'Surrender' and using the revised group name of Rainbow Connection.

Rainbow Brown

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Rainbow Brown (Vanguard Records 1981)

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