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the reflections

The Reflections

Formed  1971 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

The Reflections were:

Herman Edwards

Josh Pridgen

Edmund 'Butch' Simmons


John Simmons

They were a New York City vocal group formed in 1971.

They also served as Melba Moore's background vocalists during a 1972 tour.

In 1971, Melba was preparing for a tour and required some singers for a Gospel section of her act.

What began as a two and a half week run, developed into a three and a half year tour.

They recorded for Capitol in the mid-'70's, and made one chart number, 'Three Steps from True Love,' in 1975. It was their lone Top Ten R & B hit.

The track was taken from their album 'Love On Delivery', which was produced by J.R.Bailey. The Executive Producer was Larkin Arnold.

Also contained, on that album, is the track 'She's My Summer Breeze', popular on the UK rare groove scene.

Real Player


Love On Delivery (Capitol Records 1975)

Slugs & Toads (Cherry Red Records 1981)

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