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Formed in the late 70's, Rhyze were:

Roscoe Taylor (lead vocals / trumpet)

Elisworth 'El-T' Anderson (bass / lead vocals)

Vince Jackson (guitar / lead vocals)

Charles Holmes (drums)

Joseph 'Jo Jo' McKnight (congas / percussion)

Kevin Barbee (keyboards)

Richard Menter (trumpet)


Kenneth Hicks (sax)

Their debut release 'Just How Sweet Is Your Love' was issued by the Sam label in 1980 before they signed to 20th Century.

Here their album 'Rhyze To The Top' (1981) featured 'Bizarre', popular with the UK soul fraternity and sounding not too dis-similar to the Detroit Spinners 'I'll Be Around'.

The band split up shortly afterwards.

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Just How Sweet Is Your Love (Sam Records 1980)

Rhyze To The Top (20th Century Records 1981)

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