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Ripple comprised of (at various times):

Simon Kenneth Carter (vocals and bass)

Waiter Leo Carter (lead vocals / percussion)

Brian Edward Sherrer (vocals / drums)

Victor Burks (vocals / keyboards)

Keith A. Samuels (guitar)

William Frank Hull

Curtis Reynolds

David B. Ferguson


Barry Lee (guitar)

Ripple were based, originally, in New York.

The group began working with writer / producer Big Dee Irwin.

With Big Dee the band recorded 'I Don't Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky' in 1975.

The track became popular on the UK 'rare groove' scene a decade later.


ripple - 1973 / sons of the gods - 1977

Ripple then switched to Salsoul where 'Sons Of The Gods' was released in 1977.

That album included their Floyd Smith produced, Salsoul Records, disco classic 'The Beat Goes On' and their version of the Charles Earland tune 'Sons Of The Gods'.

The album was arranged by Tommy Stewart ('Bump And Hustle Music').

Real Player


Ripple (GRC Records 1973)

Sons Of The Gods (Salsoul Records 1977)

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