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robin beck

Robin Beck

b. Robin Beck, 28th July 1954, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

When Robin Beck scored a UK No.1 hit with 'First Time' in 1988, the pop fraternity figured they had discovered a brand new blue eyed soul singer in the U.S.

In fact she had made a major impact on the 70's disco scene, in 1979, with her Ashford & Simpson sounding single 'Sweet Talk'.

The subsequent album was entitled 'Sweet Talk' and featured her version of the Todd Rundgren tune 'Hello It's Me', later covered by the Isley Brothers.

On background vocals and arrangements were Irene Cara and Luther Vandross (who also co-penned the track 'Shake It Through The Night') amongst others.

Robin also sang background vocals on recordings for Patti Austin.

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Sweet Talk (Mercury Records 1979)

Trouble Or Nothin (Mercury Records 1989)

Human Instinct (DSB Records 1992)

Can't Get Off (Eastwest Records 1994)

Wonderland (Sony Records 2003)

Do You Miss Me (Frontiers Records 2005)

Livin' on a Dream (Frontiers Records 2007)

Trouble or Nothing - 20th Anniversary Edition (2009)

The Great Escape (Fastball music Records 2011)

Underneath (AIS Records 2013)

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