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the rotations

The Rotations

The Rotations comprised of:

Paul Robinson

Ernest Simmons


Joseph Moore


Roland Garnett

The Cleveland group of this name (that recorded) took the name after the similarily named group out of East High School folded around 1968.

The previous group called The Rotations (who recorded on Lawton Records) were a 'clone' of this band.

This incarnation had only one original member, Ernest Simmons.

One of the other members in the 'new' group was a former member of the Imperial Wonders, Kennedy Holman aka Sonny Thompson.

Sonny took over being the leader of this group after Paul Robinson and Roland dropped out leaving just Ernest and Sonny.

Sonny recruited Russell Watts (who later joined the Imperial Wonders after Lester 'Jelly McKenzie dropped out), Felton Holloway aka Archie Holloway and Bobbie Starr.

They began gigging in Ohio and Pennsylvania and were rediscovered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, by a club-owner who also headed Soulsville Productions.

This 'clone' group of Rotations were formed after the deaths of Tommy and Joe, who were supposedly killed during a robbery attempt right at the height of their 45's peak airplay period on the 2 top Black radio stations in Cleveland (1970).

The groups debut single was recorded for the Ohio based Debrossard Record imprint with the infectious 'Can't Find Her' b/w 'Searching In Vain' in 1970.

The Debrossard label was named after the company's owner.

This is as much as I know regarding this group. If you know any further information, I would be very pleased to hear from to find an image of the group!

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