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the royalettes

The Royalettes

The Royalettes comprised of:

Sheila Ross

Veronica ‘Roni’ Brown

Anita Ross


Terry Jones (a.k.a. ‘Terry Flippen’)

The Royalettes were a female R&B group from Baltimore, Maryland.

Sheila and Anita Ross were sisters from a musical family on Mount Holly Street in the town.

They had been singing since they were children.

In high school, they teamed up with their cousin Veronica ‘Roni’ Brown and friend Terry Jones and practiced before and after classes at the Edmondson and Douglass high schools.

The Royalettes recorded some sides for the Chancellor and Warner Bros. imprints, before being signed to MGM in 1964.

the Royalettesthe Royalettes

it's gonna take a miracle - 1965 / the elegant sound of the royalettes - 1966

Their biggest hit was ‘It's Gonna Take a Miracle’ in 1965.

The single reached number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 28 on the Billboard R&B chart.

Today, Sheila Ross is married and resides in Woodlawn in Baltimore County and works in Baltimore as an administrative assistant with a design firm.

She was a Playboy bunny in 1970 and was with the organisation for six years.

Anita lives in Florida.

Roni Brown lives in Baltimore and is a legal secretary.

Terry Jones resides in San Francisco.

The Royalettes

Real Player


It's Gonna Take A Miracle (MGM Records 1965)

The Elegant Sound of The Royalettes (MGM Records 1966)

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