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the schoolboys

The Schoolboys

The Schoolboys were an R & B vocal group from Harlem, New York City, New York, U.S.A.

The group comprised of:

Harold Atley (lead)

James Edwards (first tenor)

Roger Hayes (tenor)

Renaldo Gamble

Leslie Martin


James McKay (baritone)

Formed in Harlem's Cooper Junior High School in 1954 the Schoolboys were an R&B Doo Wop singing group.

New York disc jockey Tommy 'Dr Jive' Smalls then helped the group to be signed to OKeh Records.

The SchoolboysThe Schoolboys

'Shirley' b/w 'Please Say You Want Me' - 1956 / 'Mary' b/w 'I Am Old Enough' - 1957

The Schoolboys' first hits were, 'Please Say You Want Me' (number 13 R & B), and 'Mary' (number 15 R & B), in early 1957.

The Schoolboys last record was for the Juanita imprint, entitled 'Angel Of Love', in 1958.

They disbanded in 1958.

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Little Joe And The Thrillers Meet The Schoolboys (Collectables Records 1991)

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