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the sensations

The Sensations

top left: Rico Simmons, top right: Johnny Washington and, front: Benny Butcher

Not to be confused with a Philadelphia group of the same name. The Sensations were out of Albion, Michigan, U.S.A. The group consisted of (at varying stages):

Johnny Washington (b. Albion, Michigan, U.S.A.) (lead vocals and songwriter)

Benny Butcher (lead vocals)

Rico Simmons (b. 8th October 1948, Albion, Michigan, U.S.A. d. 3rd April 1995) (vocals, keyboards and songwriter)

Chester Florence


Joe Kelly

The Sensations were a vocal group out of Albion, Michigan.

The lead singer of the group was Johnny Washington, whom were fondly remembered for the songs 'Please Baby Please', 'Too Shy', 'Demanding Man', 'Lonely World', and 'Get on up Mama'.

Rico Simmons was the groups co-writer and keyboard player.

The Sensations recorded for the Way Out Records imprint, which was based in Cleveland and was owned by the late Lester Johnson and Bill Branch.

Also on the books at the label were Bobby Wade, Jesse Fisher, the Springers, Verna & Rob, the Occasions, Lou Ragland, Ruby Carter, Joan Baez, the Hornets, Fred Towles, Sammy Jones, and the Soul Notes.

The Sensations first single was released in 1966, 'I Won't Be Hurt' b/w 'Get on Up Mama.'

Please Baby PleaseNew  Day

'Please Baby Please' followed in 1967, although it's success was stifled relating to distribution difficulties, and Way Out sought a collaboration with MGM for further releases.

'Got to Find Myself Another Girl,' was released in 1968, which was closely followed by ' I Guess That's Life' and 'Two Can Make It' b/w 'It's A New Day'.

Demanding Man

A further release ' Demanding Man' became popular on the Northern Soul Scene.

The Sensations released a final 45 in 1970 on Delite Records.

The song was a reworking of their previous single 'Please Baby Please' b/w 'Too Shy', whereupon Delite renamed them the Realistics for the release.

After Way Out Records folded, the group disbanded.

Johnny Washington and Rico Simmons continued their roles as producers and writers, and wrote for various labelmates including Sammy Jones: 'She Didn't Know,' Fred Towles: 'Too Much Monkey Business,' Lou Ragland: 'Flame in My Heart,' Jessie Fisher: 'You're Not Loving a Beginner,' and Bobby Wade: 'Four Walls and a Window.'

After Way Out folded the label's co-owner, Bill Branch, manages Art's Seafood in Cleveland following retirement from the police force.

many thanks to rico simmons daughter, stacie, for her assistance in constructing this page

Real Player


Gotta Find Myself Another Girl (Way Out Records 1968)

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