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Shadow comprised of:

Billy Beck (grand piano, fender rhodes)

Clarence 'Chet' Willis (lead guitar and bass)


James 'Diamond' Williams

Shadow were three ex members of the Ohio Players.

Signed to Elektra Records, they recorded three albums between 1979 and 1981.

To embellish their studio sound, the group enlisted the help of various session musicians including Fred Wesley and Azar Lawrence.

Their first LP 'Love Lite' was released on Elektra Records in 1979 and featured songs composed by Williams, Beck, and Willis.

The three shared productions credit with Don Mizell.

Elektra marketed two singles from the LP, 'I Need Love' which charted at number 77, and 'No Better Love' which soared five slots better at number 72.

The following two Elektra albums featured Leon Ware on production and songwriting collaborations.

Popular on the UK radio stations was the, Michael McDonald sounding, 'Village Destiny'.

A single release 'Mystery Dancer,' did reach a higher chart position than their two previous singles, peaking at number 68.

A final Elektra album appearred in 1981.

'Shadow In The Streets' did not receive the critical acclaim that the group were hoping for, although the set did conatin the excellent, Leon Ware influenced 'Piece A Cake' and 'Clouds'.

Shadow seemed to play on their group name, literally hiding in the shadows and being secretive, on their 1980 set, as to whom actually performed on the album.

Williams and Willis eventually gravitated back to a reconstituted Ohio Players.

Beck pursued a solo career.

Love LiteShadowShadow In The Streets

Real Player


Love Lite (Elektra Records 1979)

Shadow (Elektra Records 1980)

Shadow In The Streets (Elektra Records 1981)

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