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the shields

The Shields

l to r: charles wright, james monroe warren, david cobb and horace 'pookie' wooten (front)

The Shields comprised of:

Frankie Ervin (b. 27th March 1926, Blythe, California, U.S.A.) lead.

Charles Wright

James Monroe Warren

David Cobb

Horace 'Pookie' Wooten

Jesse Belvin (b. Jesse Lorenzo Belvin, 15th December 1932, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. d. 6th February 1960, Fairhope, Arkansas, U.S.A.) falsetto.

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson (b. John Jacob Watson, 3rd February 1935, Houston, Texas, U.S.A. d. 17th May 1996, Yokohama, Japan)

Mel Williams


Buster Williams

The Shields were formed in Los Angeles, California.

They were formed in 1958 (by producer George Motola).

the Shields

'You Cheated' b/w 'That's The Way It's Gonna Be' - 1958

The group recorded a cover version of the Slades' 'You Cheated', which reached number 11 R&B and number 12 pop in 1958.

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