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Shotgun comprised of:

Richard Sebastian (trumpet)

Greg Ingram (saxophone)

Billy Talbert (keyboards / lead guitars)

Ernest Latimore (guitars)

Larry Austin (bass)

Tyrone Steels (drums / vocals)


Leslie Carter ( percussion)

Shotgun hailed from Detroit.

The group released six albums between 1977 and 1982, which were all notable, but lacked the one chart hit that would have propelled the group onto greater things.

Shotgun's style was not dis-similar to that of the Ohio Players and Cameo and proved popular on the U.K. dancefloors.

Signing to ABC, they released their first self titled album, which featured the songs 'Shotgun', 'Hot Line' and the song 'Dynamite (The Bomb)', which was sampled by deejays & rappers in future years.


1978 saw the release of 'Good, Bad and Funky', which was part arranged by Clare Fisher.

ShotgunGood Bad & Funky

Shotgun IIIShotgun IV

shotgun 1 - 1977 / the good, the bad & funky - 1978 / shotgun III - 1979 / shotgun IV - 1980

'Shotgun III' was released in 1979, whilst 1980 saw two releases, namely 'Shotgun IV' and 'Shotgun V', following a label move from ABC to the MCA imprint.

Kingdom ComeLadies Choice

kingdom come - 1980 / ladies choice - 1982

Shotgun toured with Rick James in the late '70's and early '80's.

1982 saw the group's final album release entitled 'Ladies Choice', which saw a further label move to the Michigan based Montage Records imprint.


Real Player


Shotgun (ABC Records 1977)

The Good, The Bad & Funky (ABC Records 1978)

Shotgun III (MCA Records 1979)

Shotgun IV (MCA Records 1980)

Kingdom Come (MCA Records 1980)

Ladies Choice (Montage Records 1982)

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