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sir charles jones

Sir Charles Jones

b. Charles Jones, 25th April, Akron, Ohio, U.S.A.

Sir Charles Jones is based in New Orleans.

He is acclaimed the 'New King of Southern Soul'.

Sir Charles has worked under the guidance of the Soul and Blues singer Marvin Sease.

He released his first album for the Hep' Me imprint in 2000, simply entitled Sir Charles Jones.

That album contained the popular 'Better Call Jody', a song that made waves in the U.K.

A year later, the album 'Love Machine' followed, containing the songs 'Is There Anybody Lonely?', 'Just Can't Let Go' and 'For Better Or For Worse'.

'Southern Soul Party' was released in September 2004.

Check on the link below to hear a track from his latest album, 'Thank You For Holdin' On'.

Sir Charles JonesSir Charles Jones

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Sir Charles Jones (Hep'me Records 2000)

Love Machine (Mardis Gras Records 2001)

Southern Soul Party (Hep'me Records 2004)

Thank You For Holdin' On (Jumpin' Records 2006)

Sir Charles Jones and Friends (Hep Me Records 2006)

Portrait Of A Balladeer (Endzone Entertainment Records 2014)

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