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sounds of blackness

Sounds Of Blackness

The Sounds Of Blackness (partly) comprise of:

Gary Hines

Ann Nesby (b. 24th July 1952, Joliet, Illinois, U.S.A.)

Billy Steele

Carrie Harrington

Core Cotton

Cynthia Johnson

Latrice Verrett

Patricia Lacy Aiken


Terrence Frierson

Fronted by Gary Hines, the Sounds Of Blackness are a 40 person choir and ten-piece orchestra.

Their music combines traditional African music with urban R&B and soul.

Russel Knighton formed The Macalester College Black Chores, that would provide the backbone of Sounds of Blackness in 1969 at St. Paul, Minnesota's Macalester College.

In 1971, Gary Hines was hired as their musical director.

Sounds Of BlacknessSounds Of BlacknessSounds Of BlacknessSounds Of Blackness

images of blackness - 1974 / the evolution of gospel - 1991 / the night before christmas - 1992 / africa to america - the journery of the drum - 1994

The group released their debut album, entitled 'Images Of Blackness' on Sound 80 Records in 1974.

The Sounds Of Blackness' follow up 1991 album, 'The Evolution Of Gospel', was mainly produced by Jam & Lewis, and featured the hit song 'Optimistic'.

Sounds Of BlacknessSounds Of Blackness

time for healing - 1995 / reconciliation - 1999

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Images Of Blackness (Sound 80 Records 1974)

The Evolution Of Gospel (Perspective/A&M Records 1990)

The Night Before Christmas - A Musical Fantasy (Perspective/A&M Records 1992)

Africa To America (Perspective/A&M Records 1994)

Time For Healing (A&M Records 1997)

Reconciliation (Zinc Records 1999)

Soul Symphony (Zinc Records 2003)

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