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Please send me your experiences, over the years, of places and spaces that have affected you in and around the soul scene. Age means nothing here. No North / South divide either. It's just where, when, and who you are that counts. If you want to write around 500 words (or less, but not a lot more! LOL), I will post them here. You might reside in London, Edinburgh, Wigan, Stockholm or Los Angeles, an ex-pat, who was somewhere at sometime in the past. Doesn't matter. You have your story, so let's hear it! I will not publish e-mail addresses. If you want to talk to a contributor, mail me and I will put you in touch with the relevant parties.


What you need to add to your articles here are the following:


Your name - The Era - The clubs you went to -The music you loved - What you are up to thesedays.


I will post your contributions on this page. If you have a scanned image (JPEG/GIF) of the time (yourself, a club etc) , that would be great. Makes your piece more interesting, that's all. Boring looking at a whole bunch of text, that's all. O.K., so here goes....


Toby Walker - The Seventies Onwards


Toby Walker 1984



The above photo is the only bearable image that exists here of yours truly. All of the others 'in house' are only fit for the dartboard!


O.K. Started out at school in Kingston (Tiffins luvvy) where I met and became friends with Chris Bangs. I was into Elton John and Bangsy into Caravan and Man (the group!!) LOL.


Stevie Wonder got me into Black Music in the late Sixties, although I was still buying tripe at the time as well.


70's clubs included the Global Village, the Goldmine, the Lacy Lady, Watersplash (once) and the Atlantis in Margate. Had a bad time there in '77. Teddy Boys etc.


The Beat Route was a hang out in 1981-82. Keni Burke's 'Your The Best' album was the best thing back in those days.
Also, around that time, we used to travel to the Hilltop club near Brands Hatch on a Monday to listen to Pete Tong do his stuff. No crappy Euro House. Pete used to play all sorts. Home by 4 a.m. and work by 9!


I am still in touch with many of the old crowd. Some have been in touch since the site went online, which is cool.


So to precis...Local Kingston Clubs (& the polytechnic) 1971-3 - Toby Jug in Tolworth 1974 - Tolworth Bowl 1974-7 - Selsey Bill (Quarterdeck) 1975/76 - Global 1976 - Lacy Lady 1976 - The Roxy 1976 - Atlantis Margate 1976-77 - Greyhound in Croydon 1977 (bit of a punk then!) - Frenchies 1977 - Wimbledon Football Club 1978 - Billys 1979 - Never made Caister - Berties in Newquay 1981/2 - Bogarts In Harrow (Sundays) 1979-82 - Beat Route 1981/2 - The Hilltop 1981 - The Wag 1982 - Atlantis 1982 (still) - Met Julie 1982 - Westworld 1985 - Old Street Warehouse gigs 1985/1988 - Shoom (did not got to) 1988 - Marriage 1992 - Baby (Grace) 1994 - Freelance 1996 - Soulwalking 2000 - Soul Nation 2003 and Freelance Designer.


..if your articles could be around this long, that would be brilliant...thanks in advance...



Toby Walker 2003



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