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(dirty) berties - newquay cornwall 1982


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Please send me your experiences, over the years, of places and spaces that have affected you in and around the soul scene. Age means nothing here. No North / South divide either. It's just where, when, and who you are that counts. If you want to write around 500 words (or less, but not a lot more! LOL), I will post them here. You might reside in London, Edinburgh, Wigan, Stockholm or Los Angeles, an ex-pat, who was somewhere at sometime in the past. Doesn't matter. You have your story, so let's hear it! I will not publish e-mail addresses. If you want to talk to a contributor, mail me and I will put you in touch with the relevant parties.


What you need to add to your articles here are the following:


Your name - The Era - The clubs you went to -The music you loved - What you are up to thesedays.


I will post your contributions on this page. If you have a scanned image (JPEG/GIF) of the time (yourself, a club etc) , that would be great. Makes your piece more interesting, that's all. Boring looking at a whole bunch of text, that's all. O.K., so here goes....



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