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Starvue comprised of:

Andre Morgan

Judy Davis

Keith Blake

Anthony Hicks

Burton Fowler

Larry Horne

Lester Falconer III


Victor J. Hughes

Starvue were a group based in Chicago in the late 1970's.

The group became popular on the North West U.K. soul scene via their tune 'Body Fusion'.

The song was penned by Judy Davis and came from their MR Chicago Sound album 'Upward Bound' in 1980.

Produced by Clarence Johnson, the album was re-released on CD in Japan, with the listings as follows:

1. Upward Bound.
2. Love Affair
3. Body Fusion
4. Starvue
5. Put The BS Aside
6. Love Struck.
7. You And Me (Bonus Track)
8. Let's Hold On To What We've Got

The CD label was: P-Vine PCD-2931

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Upward Bound (MR Chicago Sound 1980)

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