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Formed in Ohio, U.S.A.

Sun comprised of:

John Wagner (Trumpet)

Chris Jones (Trumpet)

Byron M. Byrd (Tenor Saxophone)

Dean Hummons (Organs)

Hollis Melson (Bass)

Kym Yancey (Drums)

Sheldon Maurice Reynolds (13th September 1959, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. d 23rd May 2023, U.S.A.) (guitar)


Shawn Sandridge (Lead Guitar)

Sun were another of the many Dayton funk bands that emerged in the '70's, however, Sun didn't enjoy as much success as their counterparts.

They recorded a number of funk albums prolifically for Capitol from 1976 to 1984, but just couldn't score a major hit.

Their debut album 'Live On Dream On' was executively produced by Larkin Arnold.

The closest they came was 'Sun Is Here,' which made it to number 18 on the R & B charts in 1978.

In 1979, the bands line-up had added Robert Arnold, Nigel Boulton, Sonnie Tolbert, Gary King, Keith Cheatham, Curtis Hooks and Ernie Knisley.

The album 'Destination Sun' contained the tracks 'Radiation Level' and 'Light Of The Universe', popular on U.K. radio.

They made one last try with Air City in 1984, but without success.

Founder members Shawn Sandridge (lead vocals / guitar) and Chris Jones (lead vocals / keyboards / trumpet) left to form a new group called Dayton.

In 1985 an amended line-up recorded the album 'Eclipse' for the Air City label.

By this time Sun's line-up was down to Byron M. Byrd and Anthony Thompson.


Real Player


Live On, Dream On (Capitol Records 1976)

Wanna Make Love (Capitol Records 1976)

Sun Power (Capitol Records 1977)

Sunburn (Capitol Records 1978)

Destination Sun (Capitol Records 1979)

Sun Over the Universe (Capitol Records 1980)

Force of Nature (Capitol Records 1981)

Let There Be Sun (Capitol Records 1982)

Eclipse (PRT Records 1985)

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