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the superbs

The Superbs

Group Members:

Bobby Swain

Cheryl Boyd

Eleanor ‘Punkin’ Green

Gordy Harmon (also the Whispers)

Lawrence Randall

Ronny Cook


Walter White

The Superbs were a Sweet Soul harmony group, who hailed from Los Angeles.

The group were all male, apart from the female soprano Eleanor ‘Punkin’ Green, who was also the lead singer on several occasions.

Bobby Swain later left the group for another Dore act, Entertainers IV.

Their main recording era covered the Sixties and early Seventies.

Their sole R&B hit came with ‘Baby, Baby All The Time’.

The Superbs, actually, released some twenty five singles for the Doré imprint between 1964 and 1987.

One of the groups early arrangers was Gene Page, later to play a large part in the career of Barry White.

The Superbs sides included ‘It Hurts So Much’, ‘He Broke A Young Girl's Heart’, ‘One Bad Habit’, ‘Your Eyes’, ‘The Big Hurt’, ‘I Was Blind’, ‘Goddess Of Love’, ‘Where Or When’ and ‘Better Get Your Own One Buddy’.

One time group member, Gordy Harmon, later went on to become a member of the group the Whispers.

After parting company in the early Seventies, the Superbs later reformed, circa 1994, for a short period.

Any Superbs anthology should include ‘I Was Born When You Kissed Me’, an example of Sweet Soul Music at it’s finest.


Baby Baby All The Time b/w Raindrops, Memories, And Tears - Dore 1964

The Story Book Of Love - Dore 1964

My Heart Isn't In It b/w Ambush - Dore 1965

Goddess Of Love b/w Shake, Shake, Shake - Dore 1965

Baby's Gone Away b/w Twine And Slide - Dore 1965

I Was Born When You Kissed Me b/w Office Party - Dore 1965

It Hurts So Much b/w Live It Up - Dore 1965

The Wind Is Blowing (both sides) - Dore 1966

The Wind Is Blowing b/w Go For What You Know - Dore 1966

Little Orphan Boy b/w Better Get Your Own One Buddy - Dore 1967

The Dawning Of Love ‎- Symbol Records 1969

Your Eyes / Wind In My Sails - Dore 1976

Where Or When - Dore 1977

Rip Off b/w (instrumental) - Dore 1979 (under the name of Boby Swayne and the Superbs)

The Superbs

Real Player


Greatest Hits (I.T.P. Records 1996)

Anthology (I.T.P. Records 2005)

The Superbs - The Best of The Superbs (Ace Records 2014)

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