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Susaye Greene

b. Susaye Greene, 13th September 1952, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

While growing up in Los Angeles, Susaye Greene began her professional career as a twelve-year-old.

Susaye performed on several baby commercials whilst growing up after a move to New York as a teenager.

Through her mother's involvement in the record business, Susaye sang with Harry Belafonte before she reached her teens, also singing background for Harry on 'Streets I Have Walked'.

She later graduated from the School Of Performing Arts, made famous by the TV show 'Fame', before her debut single 'Please Send Him Back' was released on the New York label Tru-Glo-Town.

From here she sang with Ray Charles as one of The Raelettes before Harvey Fuqua made her the original lead singer with his group New Birth (singing lead on 'Until It's Time For You To Go').

Susaye was briefly married to Leon Ware (with whom she made an unreleased album) before she joined Stevie Wonder as a member of Wonderlove in 1974.

Here she met Deniece Williams for whom she co-wrote 'Free'.

She also wrote a number of songs with Stevie himself, one of which, 'I Can't Help It', was recorded by Michael Jackson on 'Off The Wall'.

(On Stevie's 'Joy Inside My Tears', incidentally, Susaye was the exclusive backing singer.)

In 1976, Susaye joined The Supremes, replacing Cindy Birdsong and recording with the group on their two albums that year, 'High Energy', including 'I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking', and 'Mary, Scherrie & Susaye'.

After Mary Wilson left the group in 1977, Susaye recorded one Motown album 'Partners' (1979), including 'Luvbug' (featuring Ray Charles) and 'You've Been Good To Me', with Scherrie Payne as Scherrie & Susaye while also hosting her own TV show 'Hollywood Hot'.

In 1984, Susaye came to London where she met her present husband and decided to stay.

She resumed her recording career with saxophonist Courtney Pine, singing lead on his recording of 'Children Of The Ghetto' before Motorcity Records worked with her on new solo singles 'Stop I Need You Now' (1990) and her own version of 'Free' (1991).

Also at Motorcity she recorded a number of duets with Billy Eckstine.

Recently, Susaye finished writing and illustrating her first children's book entitled 'Those Cousins' and is currently working on her own live-action feature film entitled ' The Shadowranger'.

Susaye released the album 'No Fear Here' on Dollface International Records in 2002, with a single entitled 'Bewitched (By Your Love)' taken from the album.

2005 saw the release of a new album entitled 'Brave New Shoes'.

No Fear HereBrave New Shoes

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as The Supremes:

Hi Energy (Motown Records 1976)

Mary, Scherrie & Susaye (Motown Records 1976)

as Scherrie & Susaye:

Partners (Motown Records 1979)


No Fear Here (Dollface Music International Records 2002)

Brave New Shoes (Dollface Music International Records 2005)

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