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sweet thunder

Sweet Thunder

Formed  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Sweet Thunder comprised of:

Charles Buie (lead guitar, keyboards, lead vocals)

Booker T Newbury III(keyboards and lead vocals) b. 19th January 1956, Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.A.

Rudell Alexander (bass and vocals)


John Aaron (drums and vocals)

From Philadelphia, Sweet Thunder were formed in 1975 by Booker T. Newberry Ill.

As a result of submitting a demo tape to WMOT, the group were signed to the label in 1976.

The same year the group recorded their debut album 'Above The Clouds' (produced by Ron Kersey).

Perhaps the moment that they are best remembered for came in 1978 when 'Everybody's Singin' Love Songs' (produced by Larry James) became an anthem on the UK soul scene.

Peculiarly, the track was not released, however, as a single.

The song came from the group's, Berkeley, California based Fantasy Records WMOT / Fantasy album 'Sweet Thunder'.

The album featured the horn section from the group Fat Larry's Band.

The group, also, had a Top 40 R & B hit in 1978 with 'Baby, I Need Your Love Today' which they recorded for the label.

Sweet Thunder recorded three albums for WM0T, 'Above The Clouds' (1976), 'Sweet Thunder' (1978) (which made the US Top 200) and 'Horizons' (1979).

The group then went their separate ways with Booker Newberry pursuing a solo career.

The other members remained within the music business in more 'behind the scenes' roles.

Real Player


Above The Clouds (Fantasy Records 1976)

Sweet Thunder (Fantasy Records 1978)

Horizons (Fantasy Records 1979)

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