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sydney joe qualls

Sydney Joe Qualls

b. Sidney Joe Qualls, Jacknash, Arkansas, U.S.A.

Arkansas singer Sydney Joe Qualls recorded for the Dakar label, in Chicago, (including 'Run To Me') before signing to 20th Century Records in 1979.

Brought up in Arkansas, Sydney sang in church as a child and by the time he had finished high school, he was performing professionally.

Moving to Chicago in the early Seventies, Sydney landed a deal with the Dakar / Brunswick label., via a meeting with Otis Leavill.

Leavell believed that the label had signed the 'next Al Green', due to the similar vocal stylings of the singers.

Sydney Joe Qualls

A single entitled 'Where The Lillies Grow' and a track, penned by Sam Dees, entitled 'How Can You Say Goodbye', were released in 1974.

'I Enjoy Loving You' was the title of his Dakar / Brunswick LP released in the summer of 1975.

Here the Sonny Sanders ( a former member of the 50's Detroit group the Satintones) arranged and produced 'So Sexy' included 'I Don't Do This' (penned by Prince Phillip Mitchell), popular on the U K rare groove soul scene.

The album was recorded at Paragon Studio's in Chicago and boasted Carl Davis as Executive Producer.

In 2002, Expansion Records released an album entitled 'I Don't Do This', a compilation of Sydneys finest work to date.

Sydney Joe Qualls

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I Enjoy Loving You (Dakar / Brunswick 1975)

So Sexy (20th Century Records 1979)

I Don't Do This (Expansion Records 2002)

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