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syl johnson

Syl Johnson

b. Sylvester Thompson, 1st July 1936, Holly Springs, Mississippi, U.S.A.

Syl Johnson is an American blues and soul singer and record producer.

In the early Seventies, Syl's successful sides included 'We Did It', 'Back for a Taste of Your Love' and 'Take Me to the River'.

In 1982, he saw success with the club hit 'Ms. Fine Brown Frame'.

Blues guitarist and singer Jimmy Johnson, along with bassist Mack Thompson, are both his brothers.

His daughter is the singer Syleena Johnson.

Syl JohnsonSyl JohnsonSyl JohnsonSyl Johnson

dresses too short - 1968 / it is because i'm black - 1970 / back for a taste of your love - 1973 / diamond in the rough - 1974

Syl JohnsonSyl JohnsonSyl JohnsonSyl Johnson

total explosion - 1975 / uptown shakedown - 1979 / brings out the blues in me - 1980 / ms. fine brown frame - 1982

Syl JohnsonSyl JohnsonSyl JohnsonSyl Johnson

suicide blues - 1983 / foxy brown - 1988 / bridge to legacy - 1998 / talkin' about chicago - 1999

Real Player


Dresses Too Short (Twinight Records 1968)

Is It Because Im Black? (Winight Records 1970)

Back For A Taste Of Your Love (Hi Records 1973)

Diamond In The Rough (Hi Records 1974)

Total Explosion (Hi Records 1976)

Uptown Shakedown (Shama Records 1979)

Brings Out The Blues In Me (Shama Records 1980)

Ms Fine Brown Frame (Boardwalk Records 1983)

Suicide Blues (Shama Records 1984)

Foxy Brown (Shama Records 1988)

Back In The Game (Delmark Records 1994)

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