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T Connection

Formed in 1975 in Nassau, the Bahamas, T-Connection comprised of:

Theophilus 'T' Coakley (vocals, keyboards, guitar and percussion)

Kirkwood 'Kurt' Coakley (bass guitar and background vocals)

Berkley Van Byrd (drums and background vocals)

Monty Brown (guitars and background vocals)

David Mackey (guitars and background vocals)


Anthony 'Monks' Flowers (all percussion and background vocals)

Theophilus Coakley, and his brother Kirkwood, commenced their musical careers in 1965 playing instruments in a calypso band in the Bahama Islands.

In 1975 they left to form T-Connection who soon became the most popular group in the Grand Bahamas.

T Connection

A year later the group relocated to Miami and signed to TK Records.

Here their debut album 'Magic' featured 'Do What You Wanna Do' (U.K. Top 20, 1977), one of the first records to be released in 12 inch single format and a classic record of the disco/funk era.

Follow-up U.K. singles included 'On Fire' (Top 20) and 'Let Yourself Go' (Top 60), prior to a 1979 album 'T-Connection' and further Top 75 U.K. hits including 'At Midnight' and 'Saturday Night'.

'Totally Connected' (released in 1980) followed before the group switched to the Capitol imprint.

Here they released the albums 'Everything Is Cool' (in 1981), 'Pure & Natural' (in 1982), 'The Game Of Life' (in 1983) and 'Take It To The Limit' (in 1984).

Anthony Flowers later joined the group the Baha Men.

In 2012, the group reformed under the title T-Connection Reloaded, for a show at the Nassau Wyndham Resort Crystal Palace Ballroom on Friday the 18th May 2012.


t-connection reloaded 2012

T Connection

Real Player


Magic (RCA Records 1977)

On Fire (TK Records 1977)

T-Connection (TK Records 1978)

Totally Connected (TK Records 1979)

Everything Is Cool (Capitol Records 1981)

Pure & Natural (Capitol Records 1982)

The Game Of Life (Capitol Records 1983)

Take It To The Limit (Capitol Records 1984)

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