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teddy randazzo

Teddy Randazzo

b. Alessandro Carmelo Randazzo, 13th May 1935, New York City, New York, U.S.A.

d. 21st November 2003, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

Born in Brooklyn,Teddy Randazzo was a fine songwriter and performer, responsible for many classic R&B evergreen songs.

These included ‘Goin' Out of My Head’, ‘It's Gonna Take a Miracle’, ‘Hurt So Bad’, ‘Better Use Your Head’ and ‘I’m On The Outside (Lookin’ In)’.

Three Chuckles

the three chuckles

During the Fifties, Teddy was part of the group, The Three Chuckles.

The group appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show on several occasions.

The Three Chuckles achieved a hit with their single ‘Runaround’, which became a top 20 hit in 1954.

He became the group's lead singer, singing on the singles ‘Times Two, I Love You’ and ‘And the Angels Sing’.

Teddy RandazzoTeddy Randazzo

i'm confessin' (1958) / journey to love (1961)

Teddy began a solo career, recording three singles, namely, ‘Little Serenade’ (in 1958), ‘The Way of a Clown" (in 1960), and ‘Big Wide World’ (in 1963).

He appeared alongside disc jockey Alan Freed, showcasing several artists including Chuck Berry and LaVern Baker.

Teddy also began a career in the movies, appearing in the film ‘Hey, Let's Twist’, ‘The Girl Can't Help It’, ‘Rock, Rock, Rock’ and ‘Mr. Rock and Roll’.

As a songwriter, Teddy struck up a writing partnership with Bobby Weinstein.

The pair went on to write many well known songs, including ‘Pretty Blue Eyes’, a top ten (Steve Lawrence and Craig Douglas) in 1959.

They also wrote many songs for Little Anthony and the Imperials, which featured ‘Goin' Out of My Head’ (in 1964), ‘Hurt So Bad’ (in 1965), which was covered by the Lettermen (in 1969), ‘Yesterday Has Gone’, ’I’m On The Outside (Looking In)’ and ‘Take Me Back’.

Teddy arranged and produced two albums for the Royalettes, including the Top 50 hit ‘It's Gonna Take A Miracle’ in 1965.

He, later, wrote for the Manhattans, during the Seventies, penning ‘It Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad’, ‘There's No Good In Goodbye’, and ‘A Million To One’.

Teddy also collaborated with the Stylistics, at the time, on the albums ‘Fashionably Yours’ and ‘Love Spell’.

The duo were inducted into the Songwriters' Hall Of Fame in 2007.

Teddy died at age 68 at his home in Orlando, Florida.

Teddy Randazzo

Real Player


I’m Confessin’ (Vik Records 1958)

K-Poi Presents Teddy Randazzo Million Dollar Party Encore ‎(K-Poi Records 1960)

Journey To Love (ABC Paramount Records 1961)

Teddy Randazzo Featuring The Dazzlers - Teddy Randazzo Twists! (ABC Paramount Records 1962)

The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. (Music From The Television Series) (MGM Records 1967)

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