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the masqueraders

The Masqueraders

Formed in 1958, The Masqueraders comprised of:

Lee Hatim

Robert Wrights II

David Sanders

Harold Thomas


Sammie Hutchins

The Masqueraders were an American R&B group, who hail from Dallas, Texas.

Formed in 1958, their first group incarnation was under the group name 'the Stairs'.

They comprised of Charlie Moore (lead), Robert Wrightsil (tenor), Johnny Davis (second tenor), Lawrence Davis (third tenor) and 'Little' Charlie Gibson (bass).

The MasqueradersThe Masqueraders

everybody wanna live on - 1976 / love anonymous - 1977

The Masqueraders

the masqueraders - 1980

Real Player


Everybody Wanna Live On (ABC Records 1976)

Love Anonymous (ABC Records 1977)

The Masqueraders (Bang Records 1980)

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