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the notations

The Notations

The Notations comprised of (at various times):

Clifford Curry (b. 1946, U.S.A.)

Lasalle Matthews (d. 2004, U.S.A.)

Bobby Thomas (b. Robert Leon Thomas, Newport News, Virginia, U.S.A.)

Michael Thurman (1993 onwards)

Marcus Gentry

Walter Jones


Jimmy Stroud

The Notations were a, Curtis Mayfield mentored, R & B vocal group from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

The original group members were Clifford Curry, Lasalle Matthews, Bobby Thomas and Jimmy Stroud (replaced by Walter Jones in 1973).

The group formed in 1965, out of Parker High School (now known as Paul Robeson).

Clifford studied in the same English class as Gene Chandler and some members of the group, the Emotions.

The name 'the Notations', related to Clifford Curry's habit of writing down song ideas on the spur of the moment.


The group was formed in the late 60's and recorded unsuccessfully for a few local labels before achieving a hit nationally on the Twinight label with 'I'm Still Here' (number 26 R & B).

In 1972, the group auditioned for Curtis Mayfield.

The Notations

They were signed by Curtom Records in 1975 to the company's Gemigo subsidiary and had hits with 'It Only Hurts For A Little While' (number 27 R & B) and 'It's Alright (This Feeling)' (number 42 R & B).

The Notations

In 1976, the group released their debut, self titled, album 'The Notations', which continued the song 'Take It Slow'.


The album was recorded at Curtis Mayfield's Curtom Studio's.

The Notations left Curtom in 1977, and three of the members (Clifford Curry, Lasalle Matthews and Bobby Thomas) made one more single, 'Judy Blue Eyes', for Mercury, before breaking up in 1978.

In the U.K. the group will be best remembered for the 1975 single 'Super People' on Gemigo Records.

Jimmy Stroud became a minister in Calumet Park.

Lasalle Matthews passed away in 2004.

The Notations

the notations in 2009 (l to r: marcus gentry, bobby thomas, michael thurman and clifford curry)

many thanks to tim skinner for his help with this page

The Notations

Real Player


The Notations (Gemigo Records 1976)

Super People (Sequel Records 1999)

Still Here (1967-1973) (Numero Group Records 2015)

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