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Formed 1972 in East Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Tierra comprised of:

Rudy Valas (guitar & vocals) (b. 6th January 1948, U.S.A. d. 29th December 2020, U.S.A.)

Steve Salas (vocals & timbales)

Roberto Loya (trumpet, flugelhorn and trombone)

Bobby Navarrete (sax, flute and vocals)

Andre Baeza (conga's & percussion)

Phillip Madayag (drums)

Joey Guerra (keyboards & vocals)

Michael Jimenez (vocals)


Steve Falomir (bass)

Tierra were an early '70's group comprised of some band members of the group El Chicano.

Guitarist Rudy and trombonist / percussionist Steve Salas had both been with that group.

They teamed with keyboardist Joey Guerra, bassist Steve Falomir, drummer Philip Madayag, percussionist Andre Baeza, and Bobby Navarrete on reeds.

Their cover of the Intruders tune 'Together' reached the R & B Top Ten in 1980 and reached number 18 on the U.S. pop charts.

It was their lone big hit, although their remake of the Delfonics tune 'La La Means I Love You' did make the R & B Top 40 in 1981.

In 1982, the group recorded the album 'Bad City Boys', again, for the Boardwalk label.

The album included the ballads 'Are We In Love' and 'Lovely Lady'.

Following this album release Tierra relocated to the independent Susie Q Records label.

One twelve was released here in 1986 entitled 'Mind Games' with the flip being a track entitled 'You're In Love', a tune highly popular amongst U.K. soul fans.

The group returned in the early '90's with 'Tonight' in 1993 and 'A New Beginning' two years later.

2020 saw the return of the group for the album 'Keep It Going'.

Rudy Salas

rudy salas (1948-2020)

Rudy Salas, sadly, passed away in December 2020.


Real Player


Tierra (20th Century Records 1974)

City Nights (Boardwalk Records 1980)

Bad City Boys (Boardwalk Records 1982)

Tonight (Thump Records 1993)

Precious Memories (Fiesta Records 1995)

A New Beginning (Fiesta Records 1995)

Two Worlds: Dos Mundos (Thump Records 2001)

Welcome To Cafe East L.A. (Thump Records 2005)

On The Right Track (M & M Records 2008)

On Solid Ground (M & M Records 2013)

Keep It Going (Thump Records 2020)

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