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tim dillinger

Tim Dillinger

b. Timothy Dillinger, St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A.

Intense. Intimate. Soulful. These are perhaps three of the best adjectives to describe the music of the singer and songwriter, Tim Dillinger.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, Tim was reared on the sounds of gospel artists such as Andraé Crouch, The Hawkins Family and The Clark Sisters, as well as the soulful R & B sounds of Teena Marie, Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan.

As Tim became an avid reader, he was inspired by the masterful writings of literary legends James Baldwin, Ntozake Shange and Richard Wright, which influenced him in his ever-developing craft as a songwriter.

At the tender age of 18, Tim began traveling and singing with Grammy nominated gospel artist, Beverly Crawford.

As his career progressed, he was able to cross over into other genres, which allowed him to work with other artists such as Grammy nominated and Stellar Award winning gospel artist, Daryl Coley, Grammy nominated vocalist Táta Vega (of The Color Purple fame) and Grammy Award winning Christian artist Reba Rambo.

Tim Dillinger

Tim's reputation as a rarity in the gospel world, a white singer who delivered gut-busting performances, quickly spread and Tim signed his first label deal in 1997 with an independent label in Dallas, Texas.

In 2001, Tim relocated to Nashville and began working with hip-hop artists such as Nina Ross, Chopper and others.

Soon afterwards, Tim launched his own multi-media company, Icon's Pen Media, and began working with producer Dale Babb (Haystack, B.G., Granddaddy South).

They locked themselves in the studio and created over 20 tracks, which resulted in Tim's highly anticipated forthcoming debut album, 'Love Is On My Mind'.

His first single, “Promise To Stay”, debuted on the London-based Internet radio station Soul 24-7 in October 2003 and has received tremendous response thus far.

The single is now being played in countless radio formats internationally.

Tim describes 'Love Is On My Mind' as a 'musical gumbo'...sophisticated soul sprinkled with jazz, gospel and pop influences merged with poetic lyrics that remind one of simpler times.

'I want to create the kind of music that inspired me...Music that made me feel...Music that unlocked emotions. I want to sing about love...being in love, loving God, myself, and those around me.'

Tim Dillinger Cafe De Soul can check tim's website right here.

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I Will Stay (Independent EP, Promo only, 1996)

Love Is On My Mind (Icon's Pen Media / Cafe de Soul, Records 2004)

The Baton 1985 (Tim Dillinger 2013)

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