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tony etoria

Tony Etoria

b. Tony Etoria, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Tony Etoria is best remembered for his 1977 GTO Records hit, 'I Can Prove It', which reached number 27 on the U.K. charts at the time.

The song was later covered by another U.K. group, Phil Fearon's Galaxy.

Born in Cardiff in Wales, Tony Etoria penned this record himself , with Papa Don on production chores.

Tony EtoriaTony Etoria

i can prove it b/w angel for lovers to be - 1976 / so far so good b/w move it out - 1980

On leaving school, he played in several folk bands in and around the Cardiff area, being influenced by the likes of Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Motown and Bob Dylan in his youth.

Tony Etoria

Tony wrote several other tunes, for an album that were never released, (on his train journeys between Cardiff and London).

After the success of his one hit, Tony re-appeared in 1980 at the Cobra Records imprint, releasing 'So Far So Good' b/w 'Move It Out'.

Tony, eventually, moved into radio broadcasting and still presents shows for BBC Radio Wales.

Tony Etoria

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